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Campus crime Stoppers

Laredo Campus Crime Stoppers allows students to provide anonymous tips to campus administration and local law enforcement about crimes and school violations. The students will receive a monetary reward ranging from $10 – $1,000 if the tip proves instrumental in solving the crime. Campus Crime Stoppers Program promotes school spirit, pride, and responsibility and allows students to take action against victimization and crime in their school.  Laredo Campus Crime Stoppers serves students in United Independent School District and actively working with other districts to support safe schools. 


The Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County College/University Program allows students and staff to provide anonymous tips on criminal activity to law enforcement and, in return, receive a monetary reward if the tip proves instrumental in making an arrest and/or solving the crime.  The College/University Program takes Crime Stoppers tips on crimes, such as drugs, theft, vehicle burglaries, assaults, sexual assaults, vandalism, potential school shootings, and other crimes occurring on or off campus.  

The program also takes Friends for Life-related tips, which  focuses on behaviors and issues that can place a student and others at risk and serves as a resource for students who want to report fellow students who are victims of bullying, cyber bullying, sexting, dating violence, family violence, gang activity, sexual harassment, or has suicidal tendencies.

Tips may be reported by phone, web, online chat, or through a smartphone app.  The program is offered to colleges and universities within Tarrant County

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